Teeth Whitening

Why do teeth get discoloured? The natural colour of teeth are not white, but a shade of yellow or grey undertone that varies from person to person. When we consume foods and beverages that contain pigments they have an opportunity to stain the enamel (outer visible part of the tooth).If we brushed our teeth directly after eating or drinking we can remove this layer. However, if we don’t these pigments remain and penetrate deeper into the porous surface of our teeth. The longer it stays on the harder it is to remove.
How does teeth whitening work?

A bleaching agent is applied to the enamel layer of the teeth. The stronger the bleach, the more it can penetrate the enamel to remove the stains. When the bleaching agent touches the tooth it creates an oxidation reaction to attack and break down stains. Common ingredients include:

– Hydrogen peroxide
– Carbamide peroxide

The highest concentration of ingredients are used in the office with lasers under supervision of our dental professionals.

Teeth whitening offers an effective solution to remove those stains caused by tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine, and other foods.

Many people see results after only one session , however results do vary from person to person. Our dental professional will assess and examine you and recommend what option is right for you, an in office or at home bleaching system.