What to expect during your first office visit…

It is important for us to take a complete health history, both medical and dental during your first visit to properly assess your dental needs. Your complete privacy is important to us, all information is kept strictly confidential. Digital radiographs are taken as required to properly examine your teeth and bones. The use of radiographs can be a helpful tool in discovering an undetected problem (e.g. cysts, impacted wisdom teeth, cavities between the teeth, etc.). Treating a minor problem before it becomes a major problem can be less time consuming and less costly. To help you better understand your dental health a second appointment is scheduled to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a suggested treatment plan that Dr. Garach has carefully developed based on your previous visit.

Dental Insurance is a policy that has been negotiated between you, your employer and the dental insurance company as a benefit. Please be aware that not all insurance agreements are the same , so it is important for you to inquire as to what your treatment exclusions, plan limits, and fee payment schedules are. Your treatment plan is based on your needs so it is important for you to provide the administrative staff with your updated plan details so that we may help you better understand your specific plan and benefits.

After completion of your treatment you will be placed on a suggested preventive maintenance program. With our current knowledge of gum disease, it is recommended that teeth be cleaned professionally every six months, and in cases of advancing periodontal disease every three months. Our dental professionals will explain this to you in detail during your office visit.